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Blog: Women in Construction Week

Updated: 4 days ago

Encouraging more women to go into Engineering and Construction is one of the key aspects needed going forward in the industry. This week (6th to 12th March 2022) is Women in Construction Week. We want to celebrate the women we have across our business and to encourage younger generations to aim for any career they wish!

Emily Vickers, Projects Manager

Throughout my work in the construction industry, I have never seen my gender as a barrier. It is important to show younger generations that they can do any job they would like to, regardless of their gender, if they are focused and work hard. Within Geotechnics I have always been supported in my role and wouldn't be in my current role without help and advice from colleagues across the business.

Annie Boslem, Laboratory Technician

I have been working for Geotechnics for almost 4 years and have received comprehensive training for numerous tests including Atterberg Limits, Particle Size Analysis, Sample Preparation and have also contributed to preparing samples for CBR and Compaction testing.
We work in a diverse team in our laboratory and always endeavor to get the various tasks completed in a timely manner with the continuous support from the Laboratory Managers.
I am proud to be flying the flag for Women in Construction and feel privileged to be part of the continuing success of Geotechnics.

Zara Chand, Graduate Engineer

I never saw myself working in the construction industry but it’s one of the best decisions I have made. When choosing my subjects for GCSE I was intrigued to pick geology simply because the teacher told me I would get to learn about dinosaurs. She wasn’t wrong, but she didn’t tell me about all the other fascinating subjects we would cover. I enjoyed the course so much I wanted to further my knowledge by completing an undergraduate course in geology at the University of Leicester. I was offered a job with Geotechnics and although initially worried about working in such a male dominated environment it made me want to join the industry more. There are a great amount of opportunities to work on a wide range of projects. My role changes day to day which only increases my knowledge more.

Jasmine Zbogar-Ward, Graduate Engineer

All through my education, I have always enjoyed learning about geology and the environment. When I graduated from university, Geotechnics offered me a job as a graduate site engineer, which was closely related to the specialist skills I learnt on my degree. I was excited as I knew the knowledge obtained through my degree would be applied to the industry and there was plenty more to learn! My experience at Geotechnics is that everyone has been very welcoming, friendly and has been willing to help when I ask questions. Overall I have loved being a geologist and I look forward to what the future has to offer.

Alia-Paige Coates, Apprentice Laboratory Technician

I started as an Apprentice Technician with Geotechnics in January 2022, I am enjoying working in the laboratory and I am proud to be part of the team who always encourage and promote ‘Women in Construction’ and the whole team have been very supportive towards me and provided me with training and knowledge which is a great help as I progress through my apprenticeship.

Alice Owuor, Laboratory Technician

It's nearly 3 years ago when I had an opportunity to join this wonderful industry; construction and I am based at our Central Laboratory, Coventry.
The name construction is very vague but the infrastructure it embraces is so wide! The core of any construction is not in the field but starts in the Laboratory where relevant tests are done accordingly.
Currently, l am mostly involved in two main tests:
Sedimentation analysis where particle size on fine soil below 63um is determined by the Pipette Method and determination of the two of the Atterberg Limits; Liquid and Plastic Limits and hence, Plasticity Index. The method we use is Cone penetration. Depending on the moisture content of the fine-grained soil, soil can appear in one of these states; solid, plastic or liquid. The Atterberg test establishes the transition between these phases.
Since joining the company, I have enjoyed every moment of my work and my colleagues are also very supportive as we all work as a team to actively contribute to achieving the business goals and ultimate success of Geotechnics.


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