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Blog 101: Cable Percussion Drilling

Updated: 4 days ago

Cable percussion drilling is the most common drilling method used across the UK for ground investigations. It involves using a winch and tripod structure to lower a cutter for cohesive soils or bailers for non-cohesive soils while suspended from a cable (hence the name). Cable percussion drilling can reach depths of up to 60m, making it a versatile way to get samples for analysis.

Engineer Operating A Cable Percuission Drilling Rig - Geotechnics

The drill operator lifts and drops the drill bit repeatedly to break the soil and advance the borehole. Then, they insert casing into the borehole to prevent it from collapsing and enable sampling and testing at different depths. Cohesive soil and water samples can be obtained with minimal contamination using cable percussion drilling.

It can also be used to aid in various in situ tests, such as standard penetration tests, permeability tests, etc. Cable percussion drilling is also suitable for installing monitoring wells or standpipes for groundwater analysis.

What are the benefits of Cable Percussion Drilling?

The reason this rig is so popular is due to their simple operation, high-quality results, efficient and versatility. Our CP drilling rigs offer versatility and can handle various soil types. We can also drill boreholes up to 60m deep, depending on site conditions, for different sites with various stratum and depth requirements.

Cable percussion drilling is a reliable and cost effective method of site investigation. Some of the benefits of cable percussion drilling include:

  • It can tackle most types of ground situations.

  • It can drill deeper than other drilling methods.

  • They are easy to transport to site, as they can be towed by an appropriate vehicle.

  • A cable percussive rig set-up leaves minimal impact on the surrounding landscape, making it a less disruptive form of drilling on the surrounding area.

  • Due to the popularity of the method, it has become as efficient as possible and therefore is a cost effective drilling method.

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