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Who We Are


“40 Years of Site Investigation Excellence”

Since our inception in 1983 by Len Threadgold, Geotechnics has been providing high-quality and comprehensive geotechnical investigations for a wide range of projects and sectors across the UK. Our services include site investigations, laboratory testing, and reporting, all delivered by our team of experts with the latest equipment and technology. 


It’s an exciting time for Geotechnics as we look to grow and build upon our solid foundations established some 40 years ago whilst striving to remain as committed, motivated, determined, and responsive to our people as we are to our clients. We have worked on some of the most challenging and prestigious projects in the UK, such as HARP and Castlerigg. Our clients trust us for our experience, professionalism, and dedication to excellence.

Whether you need a simple desk study or a complex geotechnical design, we are here to help you achieve your project goals. 

Who We Are

Guiding Principles

Our Company values (Quality, People, Integrity), ethos and vision are everything to us. Nurturing and providing a workplace where everyone is involved, passionate and driven to deliver the very best quality site investigation service sand data to serve the construction industry, wider community, and the environment in which we operate and live.

  • Belonging for Everyone - Diversity and Inclusion
    Our priority is to establish a sense of belonging for everyone. We invest in diversity and inclusion initiatives because for everyone to bring their best self to work, a sense of belonging must be established. Empathetic leadership is key. Diversity and inclusion are values and initiatives that are shared by the entire leadership team.
  • Giving Back - Investing in community
    Investing in our communities is a great way to give back to those that have helped support our business from the early days. We invest in our regional local communities and those where we work by coordinating volunteer groups for non-profit work and pro-bono projects. Over the years we have committed ourselves to regular financial investments sponsoring local sports teams and have attended STEM events. We support local Universities and Schools to add value, showcase our work, career paths and the importance of our work for the built environment. We continue to look for more opportunities to invest in our community.
  • Collaboration & Creativity - Teamwork
    Some say “teamwork makes the dream work” – and at Geotechnics we agree. To solve complex problems reams are more effective than individuals. Teamwork allows for collaboration and sparks creativity, which results in producing better results for our staff and reports for our clients.
  • Practice Appreciation - Respect for People
    We welcome and respect people of different racial, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic, and religious backgrounds, with a zero-tolerance policy in place for disrespectful behaviour in the workplace.
  • End to End Experience - Customer Experience
    Our success falls on the shoulders of the quality of our products and the delivery of our decades of experience from day one. This includes the time from when a client starts to engage with us, through placement of an order, troubleshooting site logistics, analysis of laboratory testing and delivery of our commodity - our report. Our product is what our clients feel when they experience working with Geotechnics. We place a high emphasis on listening to feedback with a sense of honesty at the centre of everything we do. Quality communication across our work is essential and we make sure that our customers are satisfied by asking for feedback, for them to audit results, and visiting us on site. Quality is an empty word if it doesn't include harmony, balance, passion, intention, and attention.

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