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Laboratory Services

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Geotechnics is a leading company in the field of geotechnical engineering, based in Coventry. We offer a range of services, including site investigation, consultancy, and laboratory testing. Our laboratory is UKAS accredited and can provide reliable and accurate data for various purposes.

One of our main laboratory services is soil testing, which is essential for the design and construction of foundations, slopes, roads and earthworks. We can perform soil classification tests to identify the type and properties of the soil, as well as strength and compressibility tests to determine the bearing capacity and settlement potential of the soil. 

We can also conduct chemical analysis tests to assess the potential aggression to concrete from the soil.

Another laboratory service we provide is soil behaviour testing, which is important for the analysis and design of slopes and embankments. We can measure the long-term behaviour of the soil, such as creep, consolidation, and shear strength, using advanced equipment and techniques. We can also evaluate the suitability of soils for use in embankments and road pavement design, by testing their compaction, permeability, and stiffness characteristics.

Our laboratory services can be performed in conjunction with our site investigation and consultancy services, or independently, depending on the needs and preferences of our clients. We aim to deliver high-quality data and reports that meet the standards and specifications of the industry. 


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