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Ground Investigation


At Geotechnics, we offer guidance and management through the entire investigation process, from desk study to ground investigation, testing and design. We use a variety of field techniques, ranging from simple trial excavations to sophisticated in situ testing, to obtain the data required for design.

Our field work is always under the direction and supervision of our qualified and experienced engineers, who ensure quality and safety standards are met. The selection of appropriate materials is essential for any project and depends on the nature of the ground, access constraints and demands of the development. 

enlarge_Cable_Percussion_Rig_-_A303_-__2___1_ (1).jpg
Rotary Rig - Sample Barrel - Chalk (1).jpg

We conduct trial excavations to log soil fabrics, which are appropriate for initial assessment and are essential in areas of landslip. We also employ cable-tool boring or rotary drilling methods to obtain data on the soil or rock at depth.

In addition, we use in situ techniques such as pressure-meters, electronic probes, or geophysical equipment to acquire further pertinent information on ground behaviour. 


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