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A long-term recruitment plan

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

We recently received a call from Templars Primary School. Their Year 3 students, whose science topic for the term had been rocks, fossils and soil, had planned to visit a quarry but had been unable to do so, so they asked if we could help.

It turned out that we could! A team from our Midlands office went into each class on a Friday morning and taught a Geology lesson.

The photo above shows Rob Webster, Len Threadgold, Laura Wilson, Chloe Bennett, Lucy Chapman, Rebecca Huston, and Joshua Rix (from left to right).

The presentation was led by Lucy Chapman who talked about who geologists are, what we do, the types of rocks and soils, and, of course, the rock cycle. We then divided the class into smaller groups to discuss the rock cycle in more detail. Next, we gave the children different types of rocks to explore and describe to us. Students created their own strata with different rock types using soil, gravel, sand, leaves, rocks, to build its layers and view it develop over the coming years.

The children were very engaged and asked some very good questions, and they were given some homework to check whether they remembered Lucy's presentation. The teachers were very grateful for the resources we were able to provide for their students, but maybe not for the mess we left them with!

We'd like to thank Lucy, Josh, Rebecca, Chloe, Laura and Len for giving up their time to educate the next generation.


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