Our multidisciplinary geoengineering staff have wide-ranging experience of site operations and technical solutions. These skills can be brought to your project and we recognise that each site requires an individual approach.

What we can deliver

We work with you to understand the information that you need for your project: whether it’s soil profiles, ground/groundwater models, environmental data or parameters for detailed design. We have the knowledge and experience to help you gain this information in the most efficient and effective way. We want you to use our knowledge to your advantage.

Information helps to de-risk your project and add value. We can design a cost-effective ground investigation based on your requirements and our understanding of any site constraints and risks, to provide the results that you need…

Many sites are complex and require input from a number of specialists in complementary areas of expertise, such as drone surveys, UXO clearance, GPR surveys, archaeology, LIDAR surveys and ecology. We can integrate these sub-contract services into one overall ground investigation to provide maximum efficiency. This removes the need for you to manage a whole host of suppliers, by putting all these services under the Geotechnics umbrella.

Early engagement with the services which we can provide will help you reduce your risks and costs later in the process. With our experience of working at the soil/rock and structure interface we can ensure that the two marry together safely and efficiently for your project.

  • Desk studies (Phase 1)
  • Site reconnaissance, walkover surveys and asset management 
  • Site investigation design
  • Instrumentation including remote monitoring
  • Specialist access
  • Project management services
  • Ground investigation reports and interpretation
  • Reporting to all current standards (BS5930, Eurocode 7, highways, rail)
  • Long-term monitoring
  • Geotechnical design checks
  • Geotechnical assessment, management, quality control, inspections and reporting
  • Geoenvironmental HazWaste and human health risk assessments
  • Geotechnical training