In-situ instrumentation takes site investigation to the next level. Having accurate data on ground and groundwater at your fingertips promotes confidence in the ground conditions for design and construction plans.

Instrumentation can be installed for monitoring every stage of the project: from inception to delivery and beyond. Increasingly, this can lead into construction phase modelling – something of particular interest in the age of BIM, live technologies and lean processes within construction.

We have considerable experience of the in-situ testing of soils and rocks from small scale field classification tests, through plate bearing and CBR testing to the monitoring of large scale trial embankments. We frequently install groundwater monitoring installations in boreholes and trial pits, and often undertake permeability testing of surrounding soils and rocks for fluid flow measurement and soakaway design.

In many projects, monitoring is an integral part of the design and construction process using the observational method. This is especially true in areas of landslip or poor initial bearing capacity. In geoenvironmental investigations, monitoring of potential gas emissions, contamination plumes and the efficacy of remedial works are particularly important as part of the records for the site safety file. 

We are often asked to design, install and undertake monitoring of instrumentation during construction phases. Our team is highly experienced in construction phase groundwater, gas and settlement monitoring, as well as slope stability monitoring through a combination of inclinometers, in-place-inclinometers, vibrating wire piezometers and settlement gauges.

We are now increasingly seeing the construction of smart buildings with adaptive technologies built into their fabric. Coupled with geotechnical instrumentation from the very beginning of a project, this could enable future structures to interact more effectively with the ground on which they are founded.

We currently offer the following range of instrumentation...

  • Inclinometers and in place inclinometers
  • Extensometers
  • Piezometers and vibrating wire piezometers
  • Remote monitoring
  • Water level datalogging
  • Plate bearing tests
  • Settlement monitoring
  • PID oil/water interface
  • Lightweight deflectometer (pictured)