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NEW STARTER; Peter Shone

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

Graduate Engineer Peter Shone talks about his first few weeks at Geotechnics

I started work at Geotechnics' office in Coventry on the 4th of October, and my first couple of weeks has already been very exciting. From core logging to thermal resistivity testing, I have been given plenty of opportunities to practice a breadth of different skills.

The company has also ensured I get my SSSTS, CSCS, and First Aid training as quickly as possible, as well as setting sponsors for my chartership.

It’s nice to be in such a friendly office environment, where my co-workers are always happy to take a few minutes to explain things I’m struggling with. I feel I’ve been very well supported in all aspects of setting up my career development, and I’m very excited to be out on site soon!


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