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We welcome Aman and Peter to the team

Updated: Oct 11

Over the last few weeks, we have welcomed two new graduate engineers to the Midland Office, Aman Hiyaam and Peter Shone.

< Photo; Aman (left) and Peter (right) smile for a photo in our Midlands office

Aman had a couple of week’s head start and as with all of our new starters, he was thrown straight into the induction process with his first couple of days comprising not just the general induction but specific training from both our SHEQ Manager, Michael Coates, and our Environmental Champion, Andy Suominen.

They ran through various subjects including Asbestos Awareness, Manual Handling, Waste and Spill procedures, CDM awareness along with an introduction to our Integrated Management System that allows us to hold our ISO9001, 14001 and 45001 accreditations. The rest of his week was taken up completing the SSSTS course and the all-important introduction to Soil and Rock Logging where some wisdom was shared by our Chief Geotechnical Engineer Trevor Hardie.

Aman’s second week involved some time working in the office, a defensive driver course prior to his first taste of site work where he shadowed our Experienced Graduate Engineer Ed Page-Symmonds. Ed was working in Bedfordshire supervising a site involving Concrete Coring, Cable Percussive drilling and Dynamic Sampling for one of our regular Clients.

With Aman gaining valuable hands-on experience of site work Peter then joined us and had a very similar first week with both internal training and an SSSTS course prior to being able to get his hands on some rock core in his 2nd week where he organised sub-sampling of core that had recently arrived back from Norfolk and was also taught how to carry out some thermal resistivity tests.

The new recruits then had some time at the Midlands Training Company where they completed their first aid work course and wherever possible they were introduced to elements of work that they will be learning over the coming months learning from colleagues whether this was reviewing field data, logging, helping in the production of Risk Assessments.

With Aman now in his sixth weak and Peter in his fourth they are both out on site.

Aman is again learning from Ed Page-Symmonds, supervising Cable Percussion and Rotary Rigs. Peter is working on a complex site, working with our Engineer Matt Jenkins and Graduate Engineers Adam Smith and Rhys Welding (who is lending us a hand from the North West Office).

In amongst their busy start, I did manage to get a photo of them together and I would like to welcome them to the team. They have both made great starts and are learning fast!

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