...about what you are going to do today and what could cause you harm


...the hazards on your project and ensure suitable control measures


...to work safely today and go home safely tonight

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The aims of GO SAFE are to highlight, promote and effectively communicate health and safety issues to staff, sub contractors and anyone that we interface with on our sites - including the general public. 

GO SAFE formalises our overarching company health and safety culture to be relevant to the wider geotechnical industries. It is our belief that all work-related injuries and illnesses are preventable.

GO SAFE reinforces our belief that the health and safety of employees, contractors, clients and everyone else affected by our work is fundamental to the success of our business. At Geotechnics, we believe that our long term success is dependent upon the ability to keep them safe.

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that every person who works for and interacts with Geotechnics goes home safe at the end of the working day.

If you see any health and safety issues at work that need to be improved, you can raise this anonymously using our feedback form.