On the Right Track: Improving Yorkshire’s Rail Capability

Posted on August 9, 2016
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Geotechnics Limited’s expansion into Yorkshire with a purpose built regional office facility and a new team in the region has given us the opportunity to explore work opportunities to help your projects in the North East, Yorkshire and Humberside more than ever before. Given the area’s importance as a technical hub for the whole of the UK’s rail infrastructure, we have been building on our team’s extensive experience to further develop their rail capability.

We have committed to a rail focussed in-house training programme, which has already seen a 75% increase in PTS (Personal Track Safety) qualified staff in the Yorkshire office. What is more, we have brought in new tools and equipment as well. The Yorkshire office operates the first CE marked modular system windowless sampling rig commissioned by Geotechnics, which is currently being used on major rail projects in the region.

Geotechnics’ commitment to development has also seen senior management regularly visit sites to find out more about our rail projects. This enables a better understanding of the realities of life on site, and opens up a dialogue with our staff’s concerns. This helps to improve efficiency, quality management and the working atmosphere on site.

Expanding our rail capability is extremely important to meet the needs of the UK construction industry and geotechnical disciplines, as challenges for maintenance and development of the country’s rail infrastructure will arise in the future. Managing Director John Booth says, “The continual improvement of the UK’s rail infrastructure is key to maintaining economic activity and helping to keep people and goods moving. We see this as a major market sector where we can offer our geotechnical or geoenvironmental expertise to help deliver these projects.”

“Working on the railway is a challenge, technically, logistically, and from a safety standpoint. We have invested in equipment and in training to ensure that our staff can do their jobs and be safe”. 

The Yorkshire team are always keen to add to their expanding portfolio of work: from rail projects to new homes. Look out for our flyers to find out more about the specialised approach they take to each project.