Staff Spotlight: Adam Rodgers

Posted on November 1, 2016
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What is your role within Geotechnics?

I'm the Technician at the Exeter office.

So how long have you been working for Geotechnics?

Three years next May and I’m still thoroughly enjoying it! A large chunk of that is down to our team here - everyone’s brilliant. It’s like a little family with a couple of dogs, which I love. It’s a great office to work in.

Yes, I’m jealous of the dogs in the office!

There are times when you’ve had a hard day and Bobby and Chester will come and say hello, or if they don’t you can go and say hello to them which is great.  Chester will often make a special trip if you’re eating lunch!  

"It's really nice to be part of such a large team... It doesn't matter what roles people have - I feel I can pick the phone up and talk to anyone should I need to. Help or advice is always easy to find".

So is this your first role in the industry?

Yes, it is. I feel very lucky to have my job; I certainly feel like I landed on my feet. The job I was in before was poor to say the least and I was forever down about it, something I never lose sight of. Thanks to a couple of great friends, some encouragement and help I managed to re-write my CV and put myself out there. I followed up my CV by phoning Anne Simpson (the Regional Manager for Exeter), organised an interview and here I am. As I understand it our office was ready for a technician at this point as our work load was picking up and I am pleased to say has continued to do so.  Getting this job was a huge change for the better in my life - massive thanks to all involved for making that happen.

It was fantastic to come to Geotechnics. It’s great to be included in a company that is dedicated to investing in the future, seeking steady growth whilst maintaining quality and pride in our work. It’s really nice to be part of such a large team spanning four offices. It doesn’t matter what roles people have - I feel I can pick the phone up and talk to anyone should I need to. Help or advice is always easy to find.

How does your role fit into Geotechnics?

I do a little bit of everything really. In the office, it’s my job to keep on top of the stores. Dealing with samples coming in and shelving them; getting rid of them when they need to go, trying to keep it tidy. Buying in stock so we’ve got enough of all the consumables that we need.  Some maintenance of equipment making sure things are calibrated. I’m a fire marshal here, and I am part of the Health and Safety Committee, which is something I never envisaged doing.

And then on site I tend to do all the monitoring and the water sampling; as well as some surveying now. DCPs and Dynamic probe light, digging, sampling and labelling; just helping wherever I can is my job role as I see it. It’s very varied, which is great for me.

What have you found most challenging in your role so far?

Initially, coming into an office was challenging for me. On my first day they said, “Choose your desk and there’s your computer”. I just thought “What do I need a desk or a computer for?” I’d never had that! Holding a phone conversation in a quiet office is something I took a while to get used to as well.

Going up to Coventry [the Geotechnics Head Office] for the first time was quite daunting because it’s a big place. But when I went up everyone was very welcoming - I was in and out of every door saying hello to everyone I saw, and instantly forgetting names! Going up for the first Health and Safety Committee meeting was challenging, because you don’t really know what to expect. But it’s just about taking any concerns from our office there, talking about them and listening to the other offices, and then making sure to bring back anything that gets discussed.

Out of the office, it is a physical job but it can be sporadic. You could be doing a lot of heavy testing with our dynamic probe light or the DCP or digging pits, and then you might not do it again for a month. So, on a physical note that’s probably one of the most challenging things.  Oh and trying to sample and write labels in bad weather is always fun!

What do you like to do outside of work?

Sport, which kind of came down to mountain biking as my preferred sport. I don’t race or anything, but I consider myself a fairly good rider. There’s a good place to do it up at Haldon Forest, and there’s a place near Tavistock that’s very good.

Football’s always good fun, Sometimes we’ll go over and play football at lunch, which is great because it burns a bit of energy off and you have a laugh.

And then my main thing outside of work is my family. I’ve got a lovely wife and a couple of kids. It’s amazing that they’ve grown up so quick. They’re wonderful. So it’s just family life really outside work, and I ride when I can. And I drag them up to Haldon if I can and ride up there with the kids, which is great because they can do it now. It’s nice to go and do it with the family.

What is a fact about you that most people wouldn’t know?

I used to do a few races, racing mountain boards. They are big inflatable wheeled skateboards - kind of like snowboarding. I helped out with a magazine called ATB Mag, which isn’t alive any more but it ran for a fair while. It was a good sport but the magazine was a bit before it’s time.

I raced for a while there, and I was sponsored for a short period of time until I broke my shoulder fairly early on. But that culminated in me helping out at the world championships, which were held in Weston Super Mare at an old helicopter factory.

It was great! We had lots of international riders, and the American lads were great. At the time it was a big supercross arena with lots of dirt, which they resculpted into a big half pipe. I did a lot helping out with that, and that’s where I met my wife. So that brings it all together quite nicely! The rest is history: many years of marriage and children and dogs, with bikes in there somewhere as well.

Adam Rodgers is the Technician at our Exeter office. Contact the team to find out more about our site investigation work in South West England.