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Posted on June 27, 2017
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Throughout our GO SAFE campaign on lone working, we have emphasised the need for workers to make sure they are prepared in case of emergency. As our campaign poster shows, one of the most important things you should have with you is a mobile phone. This is vital for communication when you are working alone.

But a mobile is only good when it’s charged. One of the ways you can keep your phone battery going for longer is by using a power bank. Power banks can act as a back-up power source when you need it most. Just hook up your phone to a fully charged power bank and it will start to restore your battery’s power. This can make your battery last for hours more – time which can be absolutely vital in an emergency.  

We have created a new GO SAFE power bank, which we have given to staff all over the country who have to manage the challenges of lone working. Health and Safety Manager Michael Coates said: “The new GO SAFE powerbanks are an invaluable tool in helping us reduce the risk to lone workers”. 

This blog is part of our GO SAFE campaign on lone working. For more information about this and other Health and Safety issues, contact H&S Manager Michael Coates