Lone Working: Lone, But Not Alone

Posted on April 26, 2017
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In geotechnical work, we can often be sent to remote sites with few people around. Though you will work with rig crews when drilling, there are a number of situations where you may find yourself working alone…

  • Driving to and from site
  • Instrumentation monitoring e.g. groundwater or gas monitoring visits
  • Site walkovers
  • Moving between exploratory hole positions on larger site investigation projects - on a large infrastructure project, positions can be miles apart
  • Waiting for drilling crews to arrive
  • Remaining on site to tidy up, log or pack samples, deal with paperwork and pack your own vehicle after the drilling crew has left

When you are working alone, you should make sure you are prepared in case something goes wrong. In case of emergency, you should always make sure that you can reach help as quickly as possible.

That is why our latest GO SAFE Health and Safety campaign is looking at the challenges of lone working. We’ll be raising awareness of how you can stay safe through our series of blogs, posters and toolbox talks.

Look out for the new poster in our offices and on our sites soon! Click on the image for a PDF version.

#GOSAFE Lone Working Poster - Lone But Not Alone

For more information about our new GO SAFE campaign and other Health and Safety initiatives, contact H&S Manager Michael Coates