How to Keep Your Phone Battery Alive for Longer

Posted on May 18, 2017
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When you’re working alone, you have to be prepared in case of emergency. A mobile phone is essential to have, but everyone knows how quickly your battery can drain. Even in the very latest smartphones, battery life is a big issue. When you’re out on site, you need to be able to rely on your phone whenever you need it. Here’s 4 ways you can extend your battery life…

1.      Turn off anything you don’t need

If you don’t need an app right now, switch it off. Even when you’re not using them, apps can continue to work in the background and eat up your battery. If you don’t need them, make sure to switch off mobile data, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well. These functions can end up wasting your battery, as they keep searching for a connection that you may not need.

2.      Turn down your screen’s brightness

It’s a simple equation: the brighter your phone is, the more power it’s using. The more power it’s using, the shorter your battery life will be. By just turning down the brightness of your screen, you can help maintain your phone’s battery for longer.

3.      Enter power saving mode

Many phones have a power saving mode that can be a big help when you need every bit of charge you can get. You can often find this in your phone’s settings. By going into power saving mode before you start work, you’ll make your phone’s battery last as long as possible.

4.      Bring a power bank with you

Long day ahead? Do you think you may need more charge than your phone can hold? Bring a power bank with you. These act as a back-up battery, and can be charged before you go to site in the same way as a normal phone. When your mobile is running low, just attach your power bank and you’ll give your battery a second life. 


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How can I keep my phone's battery going for longer?


  • Turn off anything you don't need
  • Turn down your screen's brightness
  • Enter power saving mode
  • Bring a power bank with you

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