Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow

Posted on October 27, 2017
Archive : October 2017
Category : GO SAFE

Did you know? Every 3 decibels, noise intensity doubles. That means that 80 decibels is not double 40 decibels – it’s over 8000 times more intense! The HSE states that when noise on your site is over 85 decibels, you need to take action.

To help our employees to understand what they can do to prevent hearing loss, we have produced a Noise Assessment and a brand new toolbox talk for use on site. The Noise Assessment will inform our staff how they can protect themselves from the noise caused by different tasks on site. The sheet lists all of our processes which require hearing protection, and makes clear what size of exclusion zone and what kind of protection is needed.

Meanwhile, our toolbox talk on noise is the first in our latest series of GO SAFE site briefings. These are aimed at informing everyone on site about the risks they may face and how these can be avoided or managed. Some of the key points of the talk include…

  • Assessing the risk
  • Wearing the correct hearing protection for the task at hand
  • Respecting exclusion zones for drilling processes (going inside an exclusion zone could result in permanent damage to your hearing)
  • Some tasks may require you to wear different levels of ear protection. Make sure you understand when you will need to wear ear defenders with a higher level of protection.

We want to protect our employees as much as we can. We’re currently looking to pool our data with other firms to discover more about the levels of noise produced on site investigation projects. If you would like to request our data or share your data with us, please email mcoates@geotechnics.co.uk