Getting Ready for the ISO9001 and ISO14001 Updates

Posted on October 4, 2017
Archive : October 2017
Category : Accreditations & Standards

Geotechnics have been committed to pursuing our business in accordance with the principles of ISO9001 and ISO14001 for many years now, and we’ve seen many benefits to our business and customers as a result. The commitment and encouragement in both standards to follow the best business and environmental practice matches our company ethos.

We have always had a strong management commitment to our staff and working practices. From the start, we have established good communication lines, training and engagement with staff in both the ISO9001 and ISO14001 decision making processes. The new updates to the standards – due to take effect in 2018 – encourage this collaboration, and this approach is at the centre of our continuing success.

We see the new requirements to identify and engage with stakeholders on all levels of the business as a key improvement to both standards. This provides a wonderful opportunity to ensure our business stability, sustainability and continuity into the future. By formally assessing and reviewing the risks and opportunities arising from the ways in which we act, react and interact with suppliers, customers, regulators and other interested parties, we will be able to identify and focus on any areas where we can continue to improve.

With both standards returning their focus to the client’s needs, we view this as an opportunity to develop further and provide an even better service to the market. This will enable us to strengthen our relationships with both new and returning clients, who make up the majority of our business. More focused risk assessment of the business and its activities should also highlight where our strengths and opportunities as a company lie, with the possibility then of expanding the business into new client streams and specialisms.

At Geotechnics, we see the new standards as logical, practical, meaningful and forward looking. Both inside the company and in the wider industry, we hope to see the establishment of practices and policies that encourage expansion, commitment and opportunity. 

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